July 23rd   1:57pm

Hello Friends…

I am really disappointed with ITUNES.  They have somehow managed to delete all of the shows from Ep 30 on up….which means that the episode with Sarah Grossman is not available.  I’m so glad that I saved it.  Any how the fine fine Customer Service staff at BTR has fixed the issue for me and hopefully within the next couple weeks, the show will be back on ITUNES.

On to pressing matters, we rather I have started a Kickstarter campaign for the show to raise a minimum of $425.  This is to buy space on the server to expand the show.  The link is here 

If you have not read or know AJ Pierzynski was DFA’d by the Boston team last week,  he has lashed out at what he perceives is a lack of fairness towards him.  You can google his open letter to Boston and enjoy.

Cant wait to entertain tonight at 9pm cdt.

Until then later kids



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