July 23rd   1:57pm

Hello Friends…

I am really disappointed with ITUNES.  They have somehow managed to delete all of the shows from Ep 30 on up….which means that the episode with Sarah Grossman is not available.  I’m so glad that I saved it.  Any how the fine fine Customer Service staff at BTR has fixed the issue for me and hopefully within the next couple weeks, the show will be back on ITUNES.

On to pressing matters, we rather I have started a Kickstarter campaign for the show to raise a minimum of $425.  This is to buy space on the server to expand the show.  The link is here 

If you have not read or know AJ Pierzynski was DFA’d by the Boston team last week,  he has lashed out at what he perceives is a lack of fairness towards him.  You can google his open letter to Boston and enjoy.

Cant wait to entertain tonight at 9pm cdt.

Until then later kids



Friday Fun Day!!!


Happy Convenience store day!

WTDH LeBron!!! now heat jerseys will be burnt in effigy.  I guess were talking about this tonight.

Ep 33 epilogue

7/10/14 10:44pm

I love a good challenging conversation.  The old adage that cheaters never win is completely false.  Rules in any profession are made and then people figure a way around it.

Case in point during this tour de France there has been zero discussion on testosterone testing. Someone will cheat to get ahead.  Just like bonds,just like canseco,McGuire,sosa, shall I go on…

Morels are thrown out the window…even George cheated during the contest….anyway sports need to do a better job policing themselves and employers and employees need to also

Have a good night



Thursday Thursday Thursday

What does Thursday feel like.  Its not like a Tuesday, its not a Monday…It has a sort of anticipation feel to it.  Like “if I can only get past today, tomorrow is Friday!”  That is how I feel generally about a Thursday show.

Last week we had the founders of the TaTa top on the show.  Michelle and Robyn were awesome guests and an awesome product.  I urge you to go to Blog Talk Radio and listen to Ep 29.

As for tonight just the usual stuff, the World Cup is winding down, the Tour d france is moving into the mountains.

I would urge you the reader to call us tonight and challenge us to our opinions because that is what this show really needs.

Talk with you at 9PM



Ep 32 epilogue

July 9 10:41 pm

Well the show prep is making my head spin in a good way.  But my doc is going to be upset I forgot to test the second time today.

As for the show…not bad overall…I’m really concerned about this Dodger ruling and how it will effect major sports teams going forward…

I’m thrilled that toews and Kane have been extended.  I’m heartbroken that Chris Sale can’t win a game he should have.

As I lay here I wonder if im doing enuf promotion. The archive listens are nice but I really want some live listens and callers.

Preparing for show 33 tomorrow at 9pm until then…good nite gracie





Hello Friends

July 9, 2014

This is my first foray into the blog world.  

So a little about me, I work full time for a major networking provider.  I also host an internet radio show on  

The is really not about anything in particular, it tends to lead towards Sports and Entertainment.  The name of the show is “You’d Like to Prove That Wouldn’t You”.  I along with my co-host Matt broadcast nightly at 9pm central time.

I would like to thank the support of a few folks who have encouraged and made this life changing/alteration an awesome transition.  

My best bud and co-host Matty.  This is guy is always there with a calm demeanor.  Things are never out of control even if they are.  

My Best Girl Destiny.  She has enriched my life like no one before or probably after.  And while I only know a mosiac of her life.  I know she is a wonderful human being.  God has put her here for reasons only he knows.

So we are after tonight 32 shows into this Radio show.  I would like to increase listenership and and hope to hear from all of you who listen nite in and nite out.